Chicken Coop and Farming

Chicken Coop and Farming

The chicken coop and farming is an extension of the Mercy Project.

The Lord gave us Isaiah 35:1 (The desert will rejoice, and the dry land will rejoice, and the desert will flourish like saffron) for two projects:

The chicken coop is now finished, and there are currently 50 chickens and five roosters there. The Yawaka community has diligently and consistently worked together.

There is something admirable in the participation and dedication of the dining room children and the care and maintenance of the hen house. One of the great benefits of this project has been the unity that has come about in the community, which will serve the children as a model for developing good habits.

The area set aside for farming has been cleaned and fenced. In this project, we gave our partners the vision to ask the Colombian government for help by their donating various species of trees — mango, papaya, Borojo, Guanabana, zapote, guava, and different bananas trees. Many of these trees have already been planned, including yucca plants, corn, pumpkin, and medicinal plants. All of this was completed just in time for the arrival of the rains in the area.

God has been and is enhancing this community’s welfare, safety, and progress through the many prayers and donations offered up by you and ELM. We at ELM thank you for your fidelity in helping our Wayuu brothers in Christ — in both physical and spiritual ways.

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