Yawaka Medical Center

We need your skills in the Medical Field!

The Yawaka Medical Center is an extension of the Mercy Project.
We have fully equipped a Doctor’s office to tend patients at Yawaka Rancheria.
Medical Campaign August 2021 Wayuu Yawaka

Medical Campaign August, 2021

Thanks to the Lord for allowing us to have a successful medical campaign in Yawaka on Aug 28-29, 2021. ELM wants to thank every volunteer for ...
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Third Assessment

Dr. Miladys received the medicine and made a nutritional assessment of all the children in the dining room, the elderly, and the adults. The changes after ...
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First Medical Campaign

From July 27th to the 30th, Dr. Miladys and her sister-in-law, who is a nurse, and the granddaughter of Belgica, held a FULL medical campaign. They ...
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Medical Equipment

Medical equipment, supplies, medicines, a stretcher, nebulizers, urine test strips, a small set for minor surgeries, were shipped from Bogota to Riohacha to start the Medical ...
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Medical Center

Looking back on the health needs that we experienced in this Rancheria last year on our Mission trip and observing the daily progress of the children, ...
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