Fundación Guajira Posible

The Ministry of Impact of Love

Fundación Guajira Posible began as an extension of the Mercy Project as a drugstore to provide the necessary medicines to the patients at Yawaka medical center and beyond.

In partnership with our missionaries from the Fundación Guajira Posible, Rolando, Luz Marina, and family, together with two churches in each city, ELM carried out two Evangelical Crusades in the Department of Boyaca in the towns of Duitama and Paipa.

The Puppet Ministry and the Lion of Judea groups presented the Gospel for adults, the elderly, and children. That was indeed a significant outreach to the Boyaca community!

The manifestation of God’s presence in these two campaigns was truly unique! In the city of Paipa, the Catholic Church opened its doors and collaborated with and supported the Evangelical Crusade. And in the town of Duitama, the mayor allowed them to use the coliseum and loaned them sound equipment, chairs, and tables — and he invited the entire town to this event.

Three hundred and fifty people attended these two crusades! One hundred and twenty accepted Christ as their Savior, and many others found peace and reconciliation with Christ!

We are rejoicing that the ELM investment in the puppets and the lion costume were such vital instruments in the success of these two crusades. Our talented missionaries, Rolando and his family used these items very effectively to accomplish God’s purpose for His children in Paipa and Duitama. God wanted these people to hear clearly and respond to His Gospel message, which offers salvation to those who believe in His Son Jesus Christ.

These Evangelistic Crusades were so successful that our missionary brothers had been invited by the Mayor’s Office and the Health Department to join them in December to conduct two medical brigades and preach the Gospel through the Puppet ministries and the Lion of Judea!

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