Our Mission

At Everlasting Love Ministries, our mission is:

To promote Multi-Housing Ministry initiatives.

We work to encourage churches to participate in this type of ministry. We have the experience to train and equip church groups in practical Multi-Housing Ministry activities. We can work alongside church groups from the strategy development stage through the practical application and implementation of their own Multi-Housing Ministry or Church Plant.

To assist Churches and Missions in the United States of America, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Colombia.

To minister to the families in the community in this area and other countries.

Our mission is to win the people who live in this area for Christ and establish new churches. To accomplish this, ELM offers friendship, fellowship, and orientation to those new in the community.

If you only speak English, then you qualify to serve in this ministry --and-- if you speak Spanish, then you also qualify.

Multi-housing Ministry is something that every city needs. It is a simple ministry that causes God’s children, you and me, to get out into our communities and share the love of Jesus Christ to those who have not accepted Him as their personal Savior.

Through various activities conducted on site in the apartments we are able to minister to people in a neutral environment. In essence we are taking church to them, taking away the nervousness they might feel in coming to your church.

In the informal setting of Multi-housing Ministry those who are not saved don’t have to worry about “dressing right,” not knowing what to do during the service, and going into an intimidating church building.

They don’t have to go anywhere to meet with believers and hear about Jesus Christ through studying God’s word.Everything is available for them right where they live.

Through making friends and building relationships in a Multi-housing setting believers will have the opportunity to share Christ with ordinary people, and these relationships can develop into Bible Study groups where people will learn about God and accept Jesus as their personal Savior; and sometimes this even results in the planting of new Churches.

Approximately 4% of all apartment dwellers are Christians, and about 30-40% of all the residents in large cities are apartment dwellers.Becoming involved in Multi-Housing Ministries is very straight forward. The only requirements are a love for God and a love for people.

By a group of believers investing a couple of hours a day, week, or month, they will be able to minister to people and tell them about Christ.

It is our hope that this page tells you enough to get you interested in Multi-Housing Ministry.

To find out more information, please click on the button below, so we can explore the ways you can be involved in this type of ministry.

It is very important that we share Christ with these people that need him so badly.

Pray Up!

It is another way to show love for others.

All you need is Love!

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