Mission Stitchers​

"Another Angel Get Dressed"

On Tuesdays from 1-4 pm in CFBC-JV campus, building A, a group sews dresses for the children impacted by all of our worldwide mission efforts. Please feel free to join them if you are available.

Whether you sew, knit, quilt, or crochet, the Mission Stitchers is a creative way of fellowshipping and reaching out to the community.

By giving a girl a new dress, you could be changing her destiny.

No sewing experience is needed to join this ministry because some tasks do not require knowing how to sew. Volunteers are needed to cut fabric, tie knots, iron, fold, and do many more jobs.

Nestor Bello @ Daisy Bello

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Pray Up!

It is another way to show love for others.

All you need is Love!

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