Mission Colombia – July 23 - 30, 2022

The Wayuu is the largest ethnic group in Colombia. Family groups live in rancherias in remote areas far away from services and health facilities and nearly impossible to reach.
The harsh environment and long-term drought drastically cut their water supply and food increasing the spread of diseases, parasites and malnutrition which are killing the Wayuu children today.

This mission trip will provide you with an opportunity to impact our world for Christ. Through the years, we have seen person after person step out of their comfort zone and embrace God’s call on their life, never to be the same.

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Mission Colombia Summary

Year Patients
2015 420 320 47 30
2016 436 185 110 2
2017 484 409 33 3
2018 611 460 54 10
2019 671 515 116 2
Totals 2,622 1,889 360 47
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