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The Ministry of Love was born with the call of the first Wayuu brother we met on our first missionary trip to Colombia in 2015. His name is Elder. During the following years, he led us to the Rancherias that needed our help. In 2016 Elder, our brother in Christ, a Wayuu, invited us to visit Rafael, the pastor of Rancheria Galacia. That particular trip turned out to be one of the most challenging mission trips ELM has ever made to Colombia. For example, since there are no defined roads, we had to rent jeeps to travel to our destination, and we were blessed to have the protection of a Colombian army escort for the four hours needed to arrive there each day and then return. God has called our brother Elder and his wife Zobeida as missionaries. His call is to minister to young married couples. After much prayer, ELM felt led to support Elder and his wife, and we consequently sponsored the first missionary trip to Rancheria, Galacia. They were able to be in Galacia for two days, where they ministered to young married couples, taught some excellent family activities, ate with the families, and showed the Jesus film. ELM also sponsored their second trip to Rancheria Galacia. This time, the missionary trip lasted for three days. Elder and his wife gave a marriage seminar, held a small vacation Bible school with the children, and held a soccer tournament for the young people. All of this was received well and was a great success. There was reconciliation among many couples, and many asked to be revisited in the future. The vision of starting a sports school for young people was born. The Sports Schools are now being held twice a month. They are led by Elder, who travels to Galacia on his motorcycle. In faith, we pray that Elder and his family will once again travel to Galacia to help this ministry grow. We pray that God will bless this work when the situation in the country improves. And we pray that God will use Elder and Zobeida in what He is doing there.

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