Mercy Project 2020 Articles


Do you believe God owns everything?

Once you get the revelation that God is the owner and you are the steward — that you have a part to play but God is the One who provides and never stops caring about you — it frees you to experience His peace and blessing! It’s what cultivates a generous heart that wants to bless others.

This truth is foundational to living a blessed life. Not a life where you get more, but a life where God blesses you to be a blessing.

Doesn’t this sound good? Are you ready to experience it?

Your generosity makes a difference and reaches people with the gospel through this ministry.

Thank you for being a partner with this ministry. We pray you and your family have a blessed year!

Mercy Project 2020 Articles

Pray Up!

It is another way to show love for others.

All you need is Love!

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