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First Medical Campaign

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From July 27th to the 30th, Dr. Miladys and her sister-in-law, who is a nurse, and the granddaughter of Belgica, held a FULL medical campaign.

They took all the required sanitation precautions, masks for patients, keeping the distance between patients, and hand washing.

During the three days of the Medical Campaign, 130 patients received medical attention. There was a day when patients from the neighboring rancherías who are relatives of the Ranchería Yawaka came to see the Doctor.

The medical team used the kit for minor surgery in an emergency case on a boy who cut his finger. The surgery kit helped the Doctor perform the finger surgery, and God saved the boy’s finger.

Among the children who attended the dining room, she found a girl with grade three malnutrition, for which the Doctor suggested increasing their portions to three meals a day plus a corn shake with vitamins.

A four-year-old boy with a severe phlebitis affliction and the need for unique socks received a medical evaluation. Thanks to our sister and brother in Christ,  Luz Marina, and Rolando, they custom-designed and make the socks for the child who needed them.

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