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The Mercy Project Is Now Three Months Old.

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The Mercy Project is now three months old. Many changes have been made during these three months to obey governmental COVID-19 protocols. To protect those using the dining room, it was decided to open the dining room only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These days, the children will obey the protocol rules and learn to wear their masks during the Bible study time. On other days, their food is packed and taken to their homes, or they can come and collect their breakfasts and lunches.
It is the adult volunteers who make the dining room activities a daily success; they are the ones who collect the wood, build the fires, cook the food (some are mothers of the children), pack the food for delivery, wash the dishes, and clean up the kitchen and dining room.

Home deliveries are made by a boy using his bicycle. This group does its work to earn their daily food. This group of 32 is made up of twenty children, six older adults, and six volunteers.

Everlasting Love Ministries (ELM) is now supporting two more elderly Wayuus, 85 and 87 years old. They have no relatives, and their situations are very precarious. We consider it a privilege for ELM and our sponsors to integrate them into those to whom the dining room ministers. All six of the elderly Wayuus in our program have their breakfast and lunch meals shipped to them in food containers delivered directly to their homes.

The Mercy Project with the dining room has opened an important door in the Yawaca community, a mini-economy that manages other surrounding communities’ activities. This is beneficial to all, including the Mercy Project, because those who have chickens, raise goats, or make cheese, or who have access to vegetables and fruits from the city, or fish are buying their products at a good price.

This benefits the small number of Wayuu merchants and is the quality food source for the Mercy Project’s dining room.

The Mercy Project has expanded with the Yawaka Medical Center. After 8 weeks, an additional evaluation was made of all those involved: the children and elderly being served and those working in the dining room.
Four older adults were found to have improved blood pressure readings and have gradually gained weight.
Two other older adults were given reading glasses, with which they can now see well.
The two older adults just added were found to be highly malnourished. Consequently, the amount of their food was increased, calcium and vitamins were provided.
All volunteers were found to have gained a few grams in weight. Also, they were found to have increased energy and vigor in doing their daily tasks.
Of the 20 children in the program, an increase in weight gained was between 400 to 700 grams (about 1 to 1.5 pounds). They exhibit an increased appetite, are receptive to what is shown to them, and they are active, happy, and well-behaved.
The two 14-year olds who were severely malnourished and short in stature, now show better health in just a short time. Edry Epiayu gained 1700 grams in weight (about 3.5 pounds) and grew one centimeter in height (about .4 inch). Oracion Bonivento increased 1100 grams in weight (about 2.4 pounds).

Yes, It is the same child. We’re Making A Difference

Sadly, it was found that the group of children had an advanced infestation of Scabies. ELM immediately purchased all medications needed to treat this condition, such as Permethrin, Crotamiton, various creams and antihistamines, and all necessary to administer the required treatment. We thank our pharmacist Rolando Alvarado in Bogota, who shipped this medicine promptly.

This treatment was given to all the children, their families, and many other Rancheria families. Dr. Myladis, the nurses, and our associate, Belgica, all did the work of going to the children’s homes to disinfect and treat the lice. It took several days to complete the work, but positive results have been seen.

It is well known that the side effects of treatment for Scabies negatively affects the liver. Nestor and I prayed that God would guide us to what was necessary to detoxify and strengthen the immune system of those who received the treatment. The Lord led us to the information needed, and we are providing them with multi-vitamins, which were sent to them and are already being supplied with the breakfasts to all the children. There is a very well known and inexpensive vitamin supplement in Colombia called “Tarrito Rojo.” This was also sent to be distributed to all the families that received the treatment for Scabies.

We are so thankful that in such a short time, God has blessed the Rancheria Yawaca. God did this through the prayers and generosity of ELM and its faithful supporters. We still need your prayers and financial support. We invested $3,138.90 in the Mercy Project and $1,189.00 at the Medical Center of Yawaka. Therefore your prayers and financial support are vital.

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